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Affiliate Marketing is on the Rise

Affiliate marketing is on the rise because it has an incredible return on investment.

Large corporations are getting on board with affiliate marketing because they know it works:



Think of affiliate marketing as virtual word of mouth, because instead of giving your recommendation to one person at a time, the program allows the influencers to make a recommendation to your target audience -  thousands at a time.


Influencers that are aligned with your mission, have spent years building trust with your target market already by building strong and engaging client/influencer relationships which allows for quicker and larger product orders. Increase your Return on Investment (ROI) by creating an influencer sales force.

How does Local Social Media create an

affiliate program for your business?


1. Branding guidelines for Influencers.
2. Marketing package for Influencers.
3. Starter Kit for Influencers.
4. Finding Influencers
5. Review| Acceptance | Oversite of Influencers
6. Influencer unique URL and access. (check)
7. Create a fair market commission package for Influencers

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