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2017 Social Media Predictions

Local Social Media · Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Live video is here and it’s going to grow, Grow, GROW!! It’s fun to watch (and re-watch as it records). People LOVE IT! Businesses are slowly catching on too. In October, we were live at the Connecticut Chef’s Challenge for Optimus Healthcare and had a terrific response. We promoted it heavily before the event and people tuned in!

Go Live!

Twitter – many of us in the Social Media realm have been watching this one closely. With its limited character allotment (we’re still waiting, big deal pic doesn't go toward character count, Twitter) and it's late to join Live Video and the fall of Periscope (even though it went 360 last week). The only way this social media platform will continue on is to continue to make deals, like they did with the NFL. Ultimately, we are uninterested and frustrated. Twitter has the most fickle audience out there, that doesn't help businesses either. Props for inventing the # (good and bad).

Wait and See – Strong Brand

Businesses Paying to be Seen - Put simply, this is how the social media platforms make money. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat will continue the “pay to play” push and play with the algorithms.

Bright side: It is still one of the most affordable ways for businesses to reach your customers.


Fake News - This will continue as a topic of interest. Fake news does influence our thoughts and perceptions. How will this change with some of the new stop gaps in place?

Problem that needs to be fixed

Drone Video – this should be a taking off in 2017. More and more drone photographers are selling their skills to realtors, contractors etc.


Google Glass, Snap Sunglasses! I wonder what is going to happen here? Google Glass got off to a slow start. And why spend the money on the glasses when the virtual reality goggles are really so much more interesting.

Wait and See


LinkedIn – boring, boring, boring…. But, Microsoft purchased LinkedIn last year and I see some changes coming. Easily one of the oldest social media brands, it has the audience. LinkedIn has always had an identity crisis. Good for very specific B2B’s and personal influencers. Most perceive the site as a job seeking site only. And for the most part, it is. But, the opportunity to make it great is there, for sure. Millions of users, strong brand, it will be interesting to see what Microsoft does with LinkedIn.

Stay Tuned! - Strong Brand

SnapChat – now re-branded as Snap! This is the one to watch. Snap has increased its share quicker and more effectively than any other social media platform before it. Engagement is through the roof with its need to keep “streaks” going, funny ways to change your face, and a prime 18-34 audience. I have had success using for business clients and it is possible. It works. The trouble is, sharing to the public is difficult. You can’t share from your feed, but you can share from your story.

Excited to see this one grow for businesses!


Instagram – Tough to tell. Facebook owns it and they have been focusing on lots of (too many) changes on Facebook. Instagram will be next. Nice, no character limit. Aside from food, health, inspiration, are people influenced to purchase? Not sure yet. I look forward to the changes coming.

Wait and see


Facebook, for the love of Pete, please call me! I have been doing this daily for the past 6 years. I DO this! Some changes are okay, but for businesses, most are simply annoying. The pop-out for adding pics?? The new pop-out post notification? #ThisIsNew. Why?? The tag sale icon on mobile? Making people join Messenger?? Just stop. However, Facebook is strong, very strong and by far the most influential in purchasing decisions for businesses.


There are many "marketing companies" coming out the woodwork claiming to be experts in Social Media. Be careful. Local Social Media has worked with and helped grow over 250 businesses. We are in the trenches with you. So many marketers think they know, but, they don’t know. They haven’t done the work. We have and do, every single day.

Call us today and learn more. #WeSocialMediaYourBusiness

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