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Why are Business Facebook Likes Harder to Get?

July 14, 2016 by Local Social Media

Business Facebook “Likes” on the Decline?


What is happening to all the “Likes” on Facebook? Businesses are noticing it is getting harder and harder to gain those valuable Likes.  Paid boosting, special offers, giveaways and still nothin’. Yes, absolutely, most of the miss is due to Facebook’s algorithms.  But, I think it is a little bit more.  As Facebook consumers, we are getting more and more savvy as to the value of what we “Like.”  We have figured out we have that power.  We are getting smarter about our already overloaded Facebook algorithm clogging up our feeds. 

If your business was late into the social media game, all is not lost.  The lucky businesses that built their Facebook pages in the early years with thousands of Likes are getting harder and harder to reach due in part that our behavior has changed. We used to Like anything and everything.  It was fun. Those still left on our feed are there simply because we are just too lazy to delete them.  They have embedded themselves into our mind as part of our feed.

So what’s new business to do?  There are services offering PAID “Likes” as a way to up your page numbers, but beware.  It is true, people inherently like to feel part of a large crowd, but don’t buy these “Likes.” A quality “Like” beats a “Like” number any day. 

You have a better chance with the feed if your loyal fans engage and engage people “like” them who may be more geographically and product specific potential customers.  These are the people businesses should want to reach.

Importantly, as with any other business, diversify.  Tweet, Instagram, Pin, Tumble and Link in. Find new ways to reach different audiences. These same people are online.  Join Groups, although most groups will not allow businesses to post on their page but you may get lucky, boost posts and use those inexpensive paid ads.  

Facebook still reaches more potential consumers than any other social media, by a lot, stay consistent and aim for those you are targeting.
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