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How to Choose the Right Online Marketing Company for Your Business

So many social media and online marketing companies are coming out the woodwork. Who are they? Where did they come from? Do they have the ONLINE MARKETING experience you need for your business? What is their goal? Is it your goal? Is their plan to grow your business or theirs?

Each business has its' own unique identity. Are they asking the right questions about your goals, and who you are trying to reach? Do they understand LOCAL MARKETING? It's not just social media anymore...

Be warned if they offer special "packages", these are not customized and personalized for your business. RUN from "VIP" packages, Plan A, B, C etc. Find the real deal. Unfortunately, many offer to share to their own pages and groups, which is often better for them, than it is for you.

Ask important questions:

  • How long have they been in business?

  • Do they have short or long-term contracts?

  • How is performance measured?

  • What are their services? Get samples!

  • How did they start? Many started as website developers or traditional print and television marketing companies and do not understand the uniqueness of online marketing.

  • What is their experience in your industry?

  • Are they asking you questions or are they telling you how they work and how they will present YOUR business.

  • How are they going to help you spread the word?

  • Are they interested in your goals, are they genuinely interested in helping you or do become a number? Even worse, do they automate your social media or emails??

  • How many clients do they have?

  • Who will be servicing your account?

  • How do you communicate with them? How often?

  • Get testimonials!

Be careful who you choose to work with and what they offer BEFORE you sign on the dotted line. Online Marketing is MORE THAN JUST SOCIAL MEDIA posts. It's an all inclusive online marketing strategy, customized to your business and goals.

If you are looking to buy a business, read more here, and GET THE PASSWORDS!

Local Social Media has helped grow over 250 businesses increase their online presence. We are in the trenches with you. So many marketers think they know, but, they don’t know. They haven’t done the work. We have and do, every single day. Work with the best. #LocalSocialMedia

Call us today and learn more. 203-788-8252

We Social Media Your Business

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