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Top 5 Holiday Business Strategies for 2021

It's November and the countdown to the holidays has begun! How do you stand out from the crowd? Here are some small business tips to boost your sales this holiday season.

  1. Advertise! There are so many ways to target your ads locally. Check out our Local-Insta lifestyle communities. Look at re-targeting if you are advertising on the social media sites. Partner with other businesses to create exciting promotions.

  2. Strategize your social media for the holidays. Kick it up a notch! POST MORE! Try new platforms like Pinterest to increase your organic SEO and reach. Add cool videos, use stories & reels, update the look and feel of your pages to reflect the holiday season! Need help? We can manage your social media or TRAIN you to do it!

  3. Host a holiday event. Make it special by "invite only" or host an online giveaway! Work with local influencers!

  4. Collaborate with a local charity. Create a partnership to donate a portion of the proceeds to the non-profit! Win! Win!

  5. EMAIL!!!! Email marketing is a great way to share new items, offer coupons, and KEEP IN TOUCH! Your customers want to hear from YOU!

Whether you are a hyper local town business or if you sell your product online, customers are looking for your products. With all the supply chain limitations, if you have a product in stock make sure you share it.

More Holiday tips in next week's email. IT'S GO TIME!

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