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Why Your Business Needs Marketing Now More Than Ever!

The Coronavirus news coverage is everywhere. You turn on your TV, open your laptop, glance at your phone and it’s there – one more event that’s been canceled due to health concerns. While your instincts might be to hunker down and ride out the storm or simply wait and see what happens in a few weeks, that could be the worst thing you do. No action is the worst action. Spooked customers can threaten your business. Now is the time to use positive marketing tactics to encourage your clients to continue buying from you.

Here are Local Social Media’s top 10 Tips to keep your business marketing active:

1. Keep your Social Media ACTIVE!!! Your fans want to stay updated.
2. Reputation Management – as the virus spreads, the fear spreads. How would you handle a customer if they blamed your business for making them sick? Have your response ready.
3. Guard your reputation and stay ahead of it. Show pictures of your staff cleaning. Assure people your store is clean and OPEN for business.
4. Businesses that sell online have an advantage – encourage customers to purchase your products online. Don’t have an online store? Create one!
5. Avoid negative posts. Stay positive and upbeat! Create a marketing plan.
6. Make it easy to buy from you: Offer the convenience of curbside pick-up or delivery. Cross promote with like or area businesses – leverage each other’s audience to keep your brands active.
7. Show the advantages of your brand – does it provide comfort or convenience, does it add value, does it entertain?
8. Keep in touch with your customers by Email to reassure, remind them what you have and what they don’t know you sell. Ask them for their business. Offer safe alternatives in buying from you.
9. Keep your website active and searchable on google by adding pictures and new blogs.
10. Create attractive graphics to catch their eye.

Stay ahead of your game. Stay on top of your customers. Be nimble and flexible. In the next coming weeks, businesses will have to think out of the box to keep the cash flow coming in. Be proactive and this too, shall pass.


Local Social Media, is an online digital content and marketing company designed to create consistent local and national branding for clients. Established in 2011, LSM was one of the first to use the influence of social media to give clients the edge over their competition.


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