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Has Twitter Lost Its Wings?

What’s up with Twitter? Ok, it was never my favorite social media, but now it can’t find its place in the sky! It’s up, it’s down, and Instagram and Snapchat easily overtook it in a relatively short period of time. What’s up??


Twitter lost itself along the way. It was never my favorite, but it had a value. Value to #foodies, #healthandwellness, #newsies and #entertainment groups. Those who love Twitter, LOVE TWITTER!! If you would have asked me three weeks ago what I thought, I would say it was dying a slow and painful death. But, the recent NFL partnership and political (good or bad) tweets, has kept it limping along. In the past, I have found Twitter so unimpressive for my clients, I normally just linked it to Facebook.

Photos!!?? Twitter added the photo option way too late. Why did that take so long??? Where is this increase in characters? It’s takes too long for them to implement anything. Most importantly, they never latched onto the younger set. They never use it. We have learned from Instagram and Snapchat that eventually these users grow up and since they are comfortable with the medium, they continue and find new ones. SnapChat isn’t going anywhere because they latched better than any other social media.

But, let’s give props to Twitter where it belongs. They invented the #hashtag. It was so popular, all the other social media sites had to jump on board. The #grouping works for both business and individual users. It tags ideas, feelings and helps companies brand.


From a business standpoint, everyone knows Twitter’s executives move through a revolving door. This is certainly affecting the business and the platform itself. Twitter is has lost its' wings. Can it be saved? I don’t think so.

Let’s see if you can prove me wrong, Twitter.

There are many "marketing companies" coming out the woodwork claiming to be experts in Social Media. Be careful. Local Social Media has worked with and helped grow over 250 businesses. We are in the trenches with you. So many marketers think they know, but, they don’t know. They haven’t done the work. We have and do, every single day.

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