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What's New on Facebook?

Whoa! Tons of subtle changes on Facebook.

What are they and can we use them for business?

New BOLD lettering. Does anyone else think this looks like Twitter? Or yelling?

It's not available for businesses yet, but it should be. This is what it looks like:

It is not available for businesses yet, but it should be. It certainly catches my eye, but why the short character amount? Probably because it would lose its effect if it weren’t shorter.

We Like!

Emojis on Reply Posts

We love those little emojis and Facebook just added it to the post and to the reply section. It’s a nice selection including some animated too. What took so long?

We Like!

Pop-Up to Post

What? No. We don’t like these at all. If I want to scroll to reference another post or in any way move down the page, it asks us if we would like to “Keep Editing” or “Delete”. Annoying!! And adds unnecessary time.

A HUGE glitch is with the pictures. If you move away from the post, you are asked the questions from above go back, the picture disappears. LSM Tip: just go back to add another picture and add one, then, delete the new picture. I usually use the same one, for convenience.

We DON’T Like! Go back to the way it was.

​There are many "marketing companies" coming out the woodwork claiming to be experts in Social Media. Be careful. Local Social Media has worked with and helped grow over 250 businesses. We are in the trenches with you. So many marketers think they know, but, they don’t know. They haven’t done the work. We have and do, every single day.

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We Social Media Your Business

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