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This Is New! LinkedIn's New Look, or should we call it, Sales Navigator?

We knew it would happen. We've been waiting patiently. The final transfer papers have been signed, Microsoft has taken over, and, in a very brief time, changed things around. It's so different, it's almost a new site. New look, new sales tools and refined navigation.

One big question, where are the job seeking features? This new algorithm is much more sales lead oriented than job searching. Hmmm. I can never figure out why LinkedIn keeps veering away from their "identity" as a job seeking tool. It's almost as if they are embarrassed. What is it that?

Let's lay it out:

LinkedIn Has a Fresh, New Look!

LinkedIn Has a Fresh New Look

Here is the cleaner and easier to read LinkedIn Home Page, a/k/a Sales Navigator:

The new home page has a nice, clean look. It's easy to read and looks a little like Facebook, which is a good plan, it's familiar to many of us. The new algorithm should make it easier to connect using the refined search, including, ranking by those who are "most likely" to do business with you.

LinkedIn New Home Page

The search is called "Lead Builder" and helps you to link to people who are of the most relevance to your search.

Use your saved account to filter new names. Find the contacts that most suit your search through your current accounts.

Search within saved accounts to find those prospects "more likely to engage with you".

Filter by connections for better personal introductions and referrals.

Identify and find the prospect by relevance.

Other changes include, LinkedIn Groups, is now called Seat Management and it looks like there may be charges for this feature. I don't know enough about this yet, so stay tuned.

Overall, the changes on LinkedIn are positive. I like the new search options which allows us to connect with people by relevance. Learn how to strengthen your profile.

What do you think?


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