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The temporary Google “thing” no one is talking about

When the coronavirus hit, Google changed many businesses listings to “temporarily closed” through it’s maps feature if the business did not respond and update their listing from notifications they were supposed to have received from them.

WHAT?! As a marketing manager of many of businesses, let’s first say, during this financially difficult time for many, this was a really BAD IDEA! If they even knew about it!

I can only imagine that a lot business was lost from this universal change. Many business owners do not check their google accounts often or at all, and had NO IDEA! Starting in April, the missing or incorrect information was brought to their attention by their customers and loyal patrons, who did try to help by reporting the error to Google and the business owner. Even more than that changed, map pin locations were moved, phone numbers were slightly different, and other random changes.

So, check your Google listing! And make sure it is up-to-date, often. As we all begin to open up, it makes a big difference on the accuracy of your listing.


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